Time for a Check Up

check up

Today is a busy day for me as I will spend most of the day today discussing health issues. . . my personal health and the health of our company.

As most near forty year olds I do get a check up by my local medical family practitioner once a year in order to keep a close eye on my overall health.  I have a visit scheduled with Dr. Arriola this morning and in preparation for this morning’s appointment I went last week and had blood work done.  By doing so they will check my cholesterol, triglycerides and lots of other things that, although I don’t know what they mean, effect my health greatly.  Since I have been exercising, running and eating well over the last year I expect to get a clean bill of health.

Later on this morning the management team and I will get news regarding the health of our company.  Over the past few weeks, team members and hundreds of our customers completed surveys checking their level of engagement with the company.  A healthy company has high levels of engagement among both team members and its customers.

Executives with the company that conducted the surveys will be on hand today in Fulton to discuss the results with us.  Basically, we find out this morning how healthy our company is.  Not only will we find out how healthy our company is by seeing the figures for team member and customer engagement but we will also gain insight into how we can make our company healthier by performing the proper exercises.

I am excited about getting today’s results and I look forward to building an even healthier company.  Good luck to everyone in finishing this month out strong!! — Luke

“There ‘s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset.”  U.S. Sen. Arlen Spector

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  1. Kim Wright

    Ready to see our test results! Glad to know that if some our levels are high or low they already know what treatments work!


    I’m ready to hear these results and see what we can do to make our team even better!

  3. Heather Hogue

    Can’t wait to hear the results!!!

  4. Laken Graham

    Really enjoyed going over the results! Lots of things to work on!

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