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Living in Northeast Mississippi I have always considered myself fortunate to be so conveniently located to the hub of the North Mississippi Medical Center and the fine facilities it provides in Tupelo.  With such grand accomodations and great medical service at NMMC, located a twenty minute ride from Fulton, I have always wondered why some folks drove an extra ten minutes or so to patronize the much smaller Gilmore Medical Center in Amory.  After escorting my wife, Ashley, to have some routine tests ran last week I now totally understand people’s willingness and desire to go to Amory.  From the moment Ashley and I walked in the door at Gilmore we felt like family. 

Immediately upon walking through the sliding glass doors we were warmly greeted by two grey haired gentleman sitting at a desk within the lobby.  After asking our last name they quickly pulled Ashley’s file as if they had been waiting all morning in anticipation of her arrival.  With a smle, the gentleman handed Ashley her file and motioned us over to a medical clerk just across the lobby.  As the friendly medical clerk was finishing up Ashley’s paperwork one of the men who had just greeted us showed up to escort us to our next stop. 

As we made our way to the lab area we passed by several Gilmore employees from lab techs and nurses to janitorial and maintenance staff.  We were thoroughly impressed in that all the staff seemed to be in good cheer and interacted pleasantly with us throughout our entire visit.  As we were waiting on the doctor after the labs were completed, Ashley and I both commented about how EVERY Gilmore employee seemed to be in a good mood. . . a sincere good mood as nothing came across fake or forced.  The staff members’ personalities and attitudes were so uplifting you almost forgot you were inside a hospital. 

To top it all off the doctor came in with the test results and had the absolute best bedside manner I have ever witnessed.   

Books have been written and classes have been taught about the level of customer service offered at Disney World.  Well, having visited Disney World and Gilmore Medical, I think the folks at Disney could even learn a thing or two from the fine folks in Amory.

Have a great Thursday! — Luke

“Do what you do so well that they will want to come again and bring their friends.”  Walt Disney

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  1. Michelle and Michele

    One of those men with the gray hair has worked there for years! He is a character! It’s amazing how the positive attitude of just a few people can keep a whole team fired up and ready to go! Great post…thanks for sharing!

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