Out of Touch

As I have mentioned before, I am not a fan of reality tv but I do occasionally keep the channel on one long enough to become interested in an episode.  One of the few reality tv shows that catches my attention from time to time is Undercover Boss.  Yesterday, a marathon of Undercover Boss was running on cable and I stopped in on more than a couple of episodes to see what each particular boss was up to.  After about the third episode I realized that Undercover Boss took the road most traveled by reality shows.  After the first season, the producers decide what type situation is best for ratings and each year it just becomes more and more scripted.

For example, the script that works best for Undercover Boss is to have the CEO go out in the field and work in about three different jobs in which they always appear completely incompetent.  The CEO is assigned an employee to work with while performing each particular duty, and invariably, the employee has some type of heartwarming personal story to tell.  While getting to know the employees the boss always is absolutely amazed that the employees have struggles within their lives yet still maintain to hold down a full time job.  This tells me the given boss has truly lost touch with their employees. 

It is about this time that the undercover CEO realizes themselves just how out of touch they are and begin to cry uncontrollably. . . some for real and some just for the camera.  At this point the boss goes on an apology tour telling employees how sorry he is for taking them for granted and thanks them for the job they do for the first time in months if not years.

While watching a couple of episodes of Undercover Boss yesterday I thought I would use our company blog today to thank each and every one of you, our employees,  for being the professionals you are.  I know everyone has their particular struggles, whether they be financial difficulties, health issues or family matters yet it is hard working people like the employees in our company that make the world go round.  Thanks for the service you provide our customers and to your communities.  Your hard work is appreciated by many people.   

“Professionalism means doing your best, even when you don’t feel like it.”  Glenn Shepard

“Giving 100% at work despite personal problems is how successful people succeed.  Allowing personal problems to be an excuse is how unsuccessful people fail fail.”  Glenn Shepard


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  1. Michelle and Michele

    Thanks Luke! We really appreciate all that you do to provide us with a great job!! Enjoyed the post!

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