National Convention

Last weekend, Louis and I attended the national convention of the Financial Service Centers of America which took place in Chicago.  While there we were able to browse the gallery of vendors with scores of various products pertaining to the consumer finance industry, particularly the cash advance business.  We ran into a few of our current vendors and it was good to see them face to face and have a chance to catch up on business.  We also came across a couple of other products that we think may be beneficial to our businesses.  We are planning to follow up with them and make a decision after becoming more familiar with their products.

Many of you have been asking about when we will be rolling out our prepaid debit cards.  We spoke with the debit card provider while in Chicago and they assured us that we should be ready to begin rolling out the cards within a couple of weeks.  This has taken much longer than we had anticipated and we apologize for the delay.  The debit card provider we plan to use comes highly recommended and has a great track record in business so we hope to be able to do business with them.  We should know something in a couple of weeks.

Have a terrific Thursday! — Luke

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  1. Michelle and Michele

    Sounds like you guys had a good trip…We are excited about the debit cards!

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