Exciting To See People Excited

Today I would like to brag on the employees of Approved Auto in Fulton.

February and March are the two biggest months for buy here pay here car dealerships because many Americans use a portion of their tax refunds as a down payment for a new means of transportation.  Also, many customers use their tax money to get caught up on their current car payments that they have fallen behind on over the course of the previous year.  So, the staff at Approved have been anxiously awaiting the day when the tax money would start showing up.

Yesterday afternoon while in my office in a meeting my phone kept vibrating and beeping.  Not wanting to be rude to the person I was meeting with I tried my best to not be distracted by the text message the noise represented.  However, after about three alerts I grabbed my phone to see who kept messaging me.  It was Laken at the car lot.  “The tax money is here.  We just had an H&R Block check come in.”

Not long after that I had to run over to Simple Pawn which is located within the same building as Approved Auto Sales.  Seeing me pull up, our collector at Approved, Amy came straight from her office at a brisk pace to excitedly let me know that they were seeing tax money.  You could tell she was excited about what that meant for her job.  She had been working with customers for weeks now trying to get them current on their accounts and many had plans of using their tax money to become current.

The excitement that the ladies at Approved have for their work is a huge part of what makes them successful.  This excitement is contagious and spreads not only to co-workers but to customers as well.


Hope everyone has an exciting Friday….Luke





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  1. Kim Wright

    Thanks Laken for texting and sharing the news with me too!

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