Be a Shining Example Everyday

As you know, one of the components of our Montgomery Enterprises Vision and Values Statement is Cleanliness.

“Out of respect for our customers and ourselves, our locations will be a shining example of cleanliness and attention to detail.”

I want to strongly encourage everyone in the company to take a fresh look around their office or place of business to make sure we are carrying out this key component of our value system.  Is the parking lot clean and weed free?  Are the front doors cleaned at least daily?  Are the counters clean and in order?  Is your office’s signage up to date and fresh looking?  How does your back room look?  What about the bathroom?

As we have said before, we treat our customers like guests in our homes.  Don’t you always try to clean up “extra good” when important company is visiting?  Well, our customers are the most important part of our success so let’s clean up “extra good” everyday!  — Luke

“High expectations are the key to everything.”  Sam Walton

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