A Good Example of Customer Service

I have been in Orlando for the past couple of days and will be here for just a few more.  Last Sunday night while heading back to my hotel after dinner I ran across what I found to be an extremely customer service oriented taxi driver who I want to brag about today, Angie.

After finishing off my meal at Vito’s Chop House in Orlando Sunday evening the valet attendant hailed me a taxi that happened to be a black van built for ten.  Since I was by myself I jumped in the front seat next to the driver who appeared to be in her middle fifties.  Just when I slammed the door the driver introduced herself as Angie and asked my destination.  As I was telling Angie where I was staying I couldn’t help but notice that she had decorated her entire van in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.  She had greenery and beads along with four leaf clovers hanging in all the windows all while playing Celtic music on the radio.  I commented to Angie that I was impressed that she had gone all out for St. Patrick’s Day . . . a busy and profitable day for taxi drivers I am sure.  She smiled and said she just likes to make her taxi a little special.

As I complimented her decorations I could tell Angie appreciated the fact someone had noticed her extra effort and, as a result, she took an increased level of pride in her decorations.  I scanned the van again from front to back and did some quick math in my head.  I figured Angie was probably out around ten dollars total for her decorations. . . if that much.  To her credit she made those ten dollars go a long way and I am sure she did it on her own dime since it is doubtful her corporate owners would approve such “expenses”.

After making our way through the Orlando spring break traffic we finally pulled in to the Buena Vista Suites.  I jumped out and started going through my pockets in search of the amount that I owed Angie.  As I was paying her I gave her the standard tip and then I added ten dollars.  She thought I had made a mistake and tried to hand me back a few dollars.  Pushing the money back I told her that our company works hard at providing some of the best customer service in our business and that I appreciated her effort so much I wanted to reward her in a small way.  Judging by her reaction I think that small token of appreciation shown her made Angie’s day.  I know her attitude and personality helped to make my day better.

The lesson here is that whether you know it or not your customers are aware of both the level of service you are providing them and the effort you put into your job on a daily basis.  Oh yeah, on top of that. . . good customer service is often rewarded. . . in a variety of ways.—- Luke

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last.”  Robert Half

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  1. Michelle & Michele

    Great post…I bet you made her day!!!

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