A Bunch of Dogs

Over the past few years we have always had one particular office that we could count on to have a spectacularly successful Customer Appreciation Day.  And for that office, this year was no different.  Just the other day, the Okolona office held it’s annual Customer Appreciation Day and gave away a whopping 672 hot dogs.  That is a lot of happy eaters . . . and hundreds of satisfied customers.  Thanks to Felicia and Erin for the hard work they did on making their special day so overwhelmingly popular with the community.  Thanks also to Lynn Murphree from the Amory office for jumping in and helping the ladies in Okolona.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success must be stronger than your fear of failure.”  Bill Cosby

PS– Thanks to Janna Tolar for passing along the great news about Okolona’s CAD. . . Luke

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  1. Gladys Hutchison

    Wow that is a lot of dogs. And one day very soon my little Kosciusko office will do the same:) I’m on a mission!!!!! Great job ladies that is an inspiration for my goals….

  2. Erin Lofton

    It was defiantly eventful. I personally LOVE CAD!!! It was hard work but in the end we had a good time while we worked. Lynn Murphree deserves a spa day after all the hard work she did. She was AMAZING! Next year lets shoot for 750!!!

  3. Dena Ellis

    Great job ladies! That is A LOT of hot dogs! 🙂

  4. Janet & Brenda

    Way to go ladies, that is amazing!!!

  5. Lynn Murphree

    Never seen so many hot dogs!!!! I enjoyed working with the girls even though we were a little busy!!!!

  6. Erin Lofton

    I loved working with you Lynn!!! You are the best!!!

  7. Janna K Tolar

    Thank you Lynn for helping us out at CAD. Okolona’s CAD is the largest one I have and I enjoy it each year. You, Felicia, and Erin were a great team and made the day run smoothly!

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